Research in Progress

The Source Code: Revenue Composition and the Equity, Adequacy and Stability of K-12 School Spending
Ensuring Adequate Education For All: A New Federal Foundation Aid Formula
The Housing Discrimination Toolkit & Effects on School Funding Disparities
Current Large Data Projects

School Finance Indicators Data

with Mark Weber, Ajay Srikanth, Mike Atzbi in collaboration with Matt Di Carlo of the Shanker Institute. Developed with funding from the William T. Grant Foundation. (New: State Reports)

Closing America’s Education Funding Gaps


Community College Cost Project

Recent and Current State Consultancies

New Hampshire Commission on School Funding (with American Institutes for Research)

Vermont Legislative Study on School Funding Weighting Factors

Maryland Department of Education: Charter School Commensurate Funding Study

Scholarly Projects & Working Papers
  1. Political influences on school funding fairness, with Zach Oberfield of Haverford College.
  2. Understanding geographic influences on education costs? Rural schools, economies of scale and population sparsity in Vermont, with Tammy Kolbe, Drew Atchison and Jesse Levin
  3. Evaluating the fiscal impact of New Jersey’s Tax and Expenditure Limits on Local Public School Districts, with Pengju Zhang (Rutgers, Newark) & Julia Sass Rubin (Rutgers, New Brunswick)
  4. Charter Expansion, School Funding and Student Outcomes, with Mark Weber and Ajay Srikanth
  5. Estimating a National Education Cost Model, with Mark Weber and Ajay Srikanth
  6. A reparations framework for mitigating racial disparities in school finance, with Preston Green
Books in Progress
  1. Wheat State Wisdom? Lessons from Kansas in School Finance Reform, under contract with Harvard Education Press Group
  2. Evaluating and Improving State School Finance Systems: A methodological guidebook, with Drew Atchison, Jesse Levin and Caitlyn Kearns
A Few Old, Hard to Find &/or Out of Print Items

Private Management of Public Schools in Baltimore (1996) eai

Resource Allocation Study

History of the Rising State Role in Kansas and How it Led to Embedded Inequities Rising State Role in Kansas-R2_formatted

CHPT1.Micropolitan Schooling

CHPT2.Micropolitan Schooling

CHPT3.Micropolitan Schooling